Get Involved

While the Furyk Foundation continues to grow and help others in the community, we’re still a new group that could use extra hands for our projects. The Foundation is constantly looking for individuals that have a love for their community and want to help serve them. If you’re interested in volunteering with the Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation, please apply below. Someone from the Foundation will contact you as our events and projects come up to check your availability. As always – The Furyk Foundation is continuously grateful for the love, support, and volunteers that partner with us to help our communities in need.


While we are a new foundation, we are developing the need for volunteers at various events. As our events get closer we will be able to determine where we need you and how to best use your services. If you are interested in being a volunteer please apply below and we will contact you as events come up to check your availability. We thank you for your support and desire to help us make a difference.

2016 Furyk & Friends Event

We have set the dates for our Annual Furyk & Friends Concert and Celebrity Golf Classic for March 13th & 14th. We hope you can join us for a fun filled day on the golf course and an intimate starlight concert the night before at a private venue. The cost for an individual spot in a celebrity foursome is $2500, which includes your attendance with a guest the evening before. Please note that we are a 501c3 and your entry fee is a donation to help all of the wonderful children’s charities we are supporting. We are committed to making a difference through special projects and filling the needs of  charitable programs. For more information, sponsorship opportunities and to sign up, please go to our FURYK & FRIENDS page or click the link below

Share Your Story

We would like you to share some of the wonderful success stories that have occurred due to the donations and support in our community. If you have something to share please forward any letters or comments to us and we will post them on our “Making a Difference” page. Doing good is contagious, if we can let others know about the good deeds we are accomplishing, they will want to join in. It is also important to let those who have donated know how grateful we are and how important it is to keep up the good work.